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To view my extensive portfolio click this link: http://woodsgift.zenfolio.com/

Order Prints

You may order through my Zenfolio Site. http://woodsgift.zenfolio.com/  They are set up to take payment and get a commission for that service. US customers will get a lovely albeit unsigned print through MPix. Anyone may order medium to extra large size prints and folios directly from myself. Click on the Canadian Dollars tab to order these items.

About the Prints

All prints are made on high quality papers using pigmented inks. I choose the paper that I think gives the best results for the image. Folio prints are printed on thicker high quality Matt Paper for viewing in the hand. These prints may also be framed. Single images are printed on a more glossy paper most suited to framing under glass.

Properly displayed, the prints will last a long time, i.e. longer than any of us mortals. Prints are priced according to the size of the paper they are printed on. Typically there will be a white border of about 1" all around the print. I may title and sign the print in the border area. All prints are signed on the back with the year printed and file number.

Folios are an affordable way to build a collection of fine prints. Folios and their contents are displayed on the Zenfolio site: http://woodsgift.zenfolio.com/ Click on the Canadian Dollars tab. Folios contain fine prints designed to be viewed in the hand, they may also be matted and framed for display. Folio prints are pigmented ink on 8 1/2" X 11" cotton rag paper and contained in a (port)folio that includes a display window. My studio imprint is discretly placed on the face of the print in the border area and the prints are signed and dated on the reverse. The prints in a folio share a common theme.

All prints are carefully packaged and shipped flat via Canada Post. Ordering multiple prints shipped at the same time to same address, the same charge for the entire order will apply.

If you are not completly satisfied return the print(s) shipping pre-paid within 30 days (or so, I'm reasonable) for a full refund of the purchase price of the print.